Earle Stanley Gardner And Perry Mason, A Combination That Entertains

Long Years back I read a novel 'The case of the Lazy lover'.That was my introduction to Perry Mason a character created by Earle Stanley Gardner. Perry Mason is a detective and a lawyer as well and he solves hundreds of cases with acumen. Gardner himself was a lawyer and he brought his experience into play in writing his novels.

Earle Stanley Gardner is no more , but he has left hundreds of novels with Perry Mason as the central character. In addition Gardner created an endearing colleague of Mason in the form of Lieutenant Tragg of the Homicide department of

the Los Angles Police and his secretary Della Street.

Most of the novels of Gardner touched on important aspects of law. The stories by Gardner are racy and unravel mysteries as well. He is in my opinion on a par with Agatha Christie. His character ranks along with Hercule Poiret and father brown created by GK Chesterton, the English writer.

Garner created Perry Mason in his own image and in the process left behind a

character that has outlived him. It is a character that is right out of everyday life and that I suppose is the beauty of Gardners books. The character perry Mason is suave. polished and intelligent. He solves hundreds of crime case and once you start a Perry Mason novel you can't put it down. He grips the reader as never before. During his hey days Gardner churned out books by the dozen and maintained a fleet of secretaries to whom he dictated his stories. The world is a better place with the likes of Perry Mason and Earle Stanley Gardner.

One may well ask as to how many books Earle Stanley Gardner wrote. If one were to make an anthology, it would run into hundreds. He was a prolific writer and that is a tribute to his genius. There are not many writers in the USA of crime mysteries, but Stanley Gardner deserves credit for being in first category.

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