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Hindu Players who Played for Pakistan in Cricket
Published By Madan G Singh on 2012-02-21 4272 Views

Pakistan is a Islamic state, but it has small minorities of Christians, Skhs and Hindus. One would normally associate a bias in selection of minorities in the Pakistan team. But I am glad to note that this is not the case and 2 Hindu players have made it to the ranks of the Pakistan cricket XI. The first Hindu to enter the the Pakistan cricket team was Anil Dalpat. His caste is Sanwaria and he is from the Bania caste. A resident of Karachi Anil Dalpat is a wicket keeper and more than a useful batsman. Anil Dalpat was brought into the team when the captain was Imran Khan. Later he claimed his test career was cut short by the bias of Imran Khan. Dalpat played about 8 tests for Pakistan and a couple of one dayers as well. But lack of a longer run deprived him from making a mark. He retired from cricket in 1985. The second Hindu who played for Pakistan is Denish Kaneria. He is leg spinner and is still active on the county circuit. Denish has been more than a successful cricket player for Pakiatan and after his debut in 1998 he has taken over 250 test wickets. No mean achievement. He has been instrumental in number of victories of the Pakistan Cricket team. Denish has not covered himself with glory with his involvement in match fixing. This has come to the fore lately. But during his hey days he was a spinner to reckon with on turning tracks.
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