Why It Is Important To Register Your Maid With Police

Crime is catching up in India. In the bigger metropolis cities like Mumbai the crime graph is rising with geometrical progression. Most of the crimes of theft in homes in Mumbai have been traced to maid servants. In a recent case a resident of Malad panicked when she discovered that jewelry worth Rs 1.89 lakhs was missing from her home. Luckily for her she had registered her maid servant with the local police. This bore dividend as the police tracked the maid and the entire jewelry was recovered. Hoever sometomes the police do not check the information about the maid.
In such cases it becomes difficult to crack the case. However the advantages of registering your maid with the local police far outweigh the advantage if

any of not registeting. To register your maid with the police a few simple steps is all that is required. They are a) Visit the local police station. Every police station has a form for domestic help, in which details such as servants name, photograph, address, telephone nos and references of previous employers is to be entered. b) Submitt the form before hiring the maid and make regular trips to the police statio to check whether the verification is completed. This should normally takefrom 7 days to a month. c) Request the cops to take a fingerprint of the maid for record and easy follow up. With crimes by house servants on the increase, it is important to be vigilant. There is no point in being wise after the event

Article Written By Madan G Singh

An early retired Gp Capt from Air Force who is an Executive Director in the Corporate world. Loves to write fiction and articles. Published over 60 short stories and his novel" Romance of the Frontier" is published from Notion Books.His second novel is on way for publication. The author also has close to 10,000 articles on the b net with millions of views

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