Where Was The Biblical City Akkad Located ?

 Akkad was a city in Central Mesopotamia approximating to modern Iraq. Mention of the city is made in ancient chronicles, but its exact location has never been found. As per records it was founded by the conqueror S around Sargon around 2300 BCE. This was the time when the Akkadian empire ruled. Sargon united all the small kingdoms and extended the Akkadian empire. In that period the Akkadian empire reached its zenith.

At that time there was an Akkadian language as well which was spoken in the country, but now this language is extinct. Wall murals carry the Akkadian script

and scientists are trying to decipher the script. It appears that the Akkadian empire lasted about a century and then went into decline. The beauty of this age is that it was nurtured at a time when most of the world was still in the cave age.
No ruins of this city have been located, but scientists opine

that it most probably was on the banks of one of the 2 great rivers that traverse the Iraq region i.e. the Tigris and the Euphrates. There is every possibility that the city was about 50 km from modern Baghdad. There has been an extensive search but its exact location is not yet discovered.

Akkad reached the height of its glory between the 24th and 22nd century with the main credit going to King Sargon who ruled for 58 years. The city was attacked by invading Gutians and destroyed. As per the culture of the period, the enemy cities were all destroyed and burnt down. The Greeks did the same to Troy after the defeat of Troy.

The city of Akkad is mentioned in the Tanakh (Book of Genesis10:10.) Sometimes the city is spelt as Arched which is the Greek spelling of this name.

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