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Practical Application and Use of the Schieffelin Plan by Hitler
Published By Madan G Singh on 2012-02-23 26 Views

The Schieffelin plan envisaged a German action in a two front war with both Russia and France who were the adverseries of Germany on the continent of Europe. The plan was fully operationalized by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

Practical use of the Plan
The Germans made  use of the plan in the First World War. But trench warfare and stubborn French resistance under Marshal Petain thwarted the Germans. Thus many people began to have doubts about the Schieffelin plan.

At the out break of the Second World War Adolf Hitler, The German Chancellor and supreme commander studied the Schieffelin plan afresh. There is no doubt that Hitler certainly had some knowledge of Military tactics and strategy as he had also studied the works of Fredrick and Clausewitz. He found merit in the plan and decided to adopt it with minor changes. He decided that France was to be crushed before he turned on the Soviets and as a ploy concluded the non aggression pact with Stalin in1939, taking the west and England by surprise. It was a part of his plan as envisaged by the Count.

Hitler next mobilized the German war machine which as per the Schieffelin plan moved through the Low Countries, breached the Maginot line and defeated the French. The French were defeated in 40 days as envisaged by Schieffelin. Credit must go to Hitler who interpreted and made use of the plan with impunity.

Last Word
The geo political scenario has changed and a continental war as envisaged by the Count is not likely. But despite this the plan as laid down by Field marshal Count Von Schieffelin stands out for all times to come. Military theorists and students still study this plan as an example of staff work. It is also studied at the Staff College in India.

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