Owning A Machine Gun As A Hobby In The Usa

 The United States is perhaps the only country in the world which allows a citizen to to own a machine gun, albiet with restrictions. Hardly any country allows a citizen to own machine guns even as a hobby and countries like China do not even allow a man  to own a air rifle let alone a machine gun.

Owning a machine  gun  is an exciting hobby. But even in the united states many  states like NewYork do not allow an american to own machine guns. In all 34 states of the union only allow a US citizen to own machine guns

and the rules for owning them are very strict. The nodal authority that regulates the owning of machine guns is the National Fire arms act 1934. Before 1934 there were no restrictions, but now the weapons are to be registered under BATF( Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Fire arms). Also weapons must be registered before 1968 and latest machine guns are barred for possession.

 The Laws for owning Machine guns are strict and a man must be a US citizen, above the age of 21 and not have any mental disability. He must also not have had a dishonorable discharge from the

Army or have any criminal antecedents.

The gun licence will only be approved after a No-objection certificate is obtained from the local Sheriff, Judge or law enforcement official. If any of them say no, then you cannot own a machine gun. You will also require to be fingerprinted and pay a one time transfer charge of $200.

 Owning a machine gun is a thrilling hobby, but you must know how to use it as otherwise it will not serve any purpose. The stringent checks for owning machine guns have their adbvantage as there are hardly any cases of machine guns being used for criminal activity.

You will also have to keep ready cash, as Machine guns cost a fair some of money. An example is the M60 which can set you back by $10,000. However once you have the money and the know how of machine guns, ensure that the gun you buy is not a dud and spare parts are easily available. It is worth mentioning that almost a quarter of a million Americans own machine guns and that points to its popularity as a sport.

Article Written By Madan G Singh

An early retired Gp Capt from Air Force who is an Executive Director in the Corporate world. Loves to write fiction and articles. Published over 60 short stories and his novel" Romance of the Frontier" is published from Notion Books.His second novel is on way for publication. The author also has close to 10,000 articles on the b net with millions of views

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