From Mythology: Lilith The First Wife Of Adam

Mythology has its own charm. Every myth may not be true but all myths have some basis and they enliven mans life. One such myth concerns Lilith who is a beautiful woman from pre-biblical period. As per Hebrew mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam. This is against the popular grain of Eve being the wife of Adam. This myth does not deny that Eve was the wife of Adam, but ancient Hebrew chronicles mention that she was the wife of Adam after Lilith

The Myth tells us that Lilith was a very beautiful woman. When God gave her

to Adam, she refused to submit to Adam in any matte r. Adam was exasperated and tried force, to make Lilith submit to him. This had an adverse reaction and Lilith ran away from Adam. A distraught Adam appealed to God, who instructed 3 angels to proceed and bring Lilith back to Adam,

The 3 angels pursued Lilith

and reached her. They advised her to return to Adam, but Lilith refused. The angels then told her that in case she did not return to Adam all her children would die. This had its effect and the Angels were able to bring Lilith back to Adam. Adam duly exercised his right over Lilith. But Lilith was angry and she cursed all young children v born in the future. She cursed that boys in their 8 day and girls after their 20 Th day from child birth would be cursed. This was the reason that Jewish women used amulets and charms to ward of the evil effect of Lilith on new born children

Lilith thus became to be classified as an ogre and the myth took shape. Later she left Adam and God to console Adam gave him Eve. Thus as per mythology Lilith was the first wife of Adam

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  • nbillett  19-11-2016
    interesting. The first time i heard of lilith was when i watched the american hbo tv series True blood which is about vampires. In this series the vampires attributed their origin to Lilith. Their holy book was called The Book of Lilith.
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