Mahavira And Buddha A Comparison

India is home to two religions, Jainism and Buddhism . Both religions are a study in simlarities and yet have signficant differences. Another point is that Buddhism despite originating in India vanished in the sub-continent, but spread overseas. In contrast Jainism has pockets of die hard supporters in India, but is non-existant outside India. The founders of these two religions arrived on the scene together. The founder of the Jain religion is Mahavirs, while the Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. They both lived during the same period i.e. The 5th and 6th century BC. They also operated in the
same area of North India, notably Bihar. Perhaps they were aware of each other, but they never met. Like Gautama , Mahavira was also a prince. He was like Gautama born into Hindu household,perhaps that is the reason both religions draw heavily on Hindu thought. Mahavira was like Gautama disgusted with the misery
of the world and renounced his kingship and became an ascetic. He roamed the plains of North India as a recluse for 12 years. He is then supposed to have achieved eternal knowledge. Mahavira like Buddha believed in the immortality of the soul. Mahavira also believed that the body was only a cover for the soul. He believed that to be a true believer, one must cast the body aside. He advocated not covering the body and remaining naked. Thus Mahavir roamed as a naked man of god. The origin of both the religions is similar. Buddhism got state patronage and the Buddha is recognized as an Avatar of Vishnu. Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism worl wide, Jainism never had state patronage. The austere religion thus appealed to very few people, but small groups of Jains are active all over India. Both religions are in fact off shoots of Hinduism, which is the Mother

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