How Do The Parsis Dispose Of Their Dead

TheParsi community originally hailed from Persia (modern Iran ). At one time they were the dominant community in Iran and their rule covered the entire CEntral Asia. They followed the original pristine religion founded by Zoarster. The Parsis worship fire and their temples have a sacred fire burning. Non- Parsis are not allowed inside their fire temples. Wiyh the advent of Islam, a clash occurred between Islam and the followers of Zoarster. Most cpnverted to Islam and a few who did not want to convert escaped to India. They landed on the west coast of India in boats at a place
close to Surat. The clash between Islam and the Parsi community rested on a number of fundamental matters. One of these was the disposal of the dead.The method of disposal of dead bodies was repungent to Islam. The Parsis believed in nature and thus as per their beliefs they left their dead in the open inside a large compound attached
to a temple. The body was left exposed to elements of nature and birds of prey like the vulture feasted on the dead bodies. Over a period of time the body decays and merges with the earth. This place where the Parsis left their dead is called as the Tower of Silence. The Parsis who came to India erected their Towers of Silence at a number of places on the west coast. One of the more famous Tower of Silence is at Malabar hill in Mumbai. This practice of disposing of the dead still continues. Many modern Parsis do not like this method and hence men like Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw willed that his body be burried. There is no doubt that this Parsi method pf disposal of the dead is archaic, but die hard Parsis swear by it. At the Parsi Tower of Silence even the vultures have decreased , creating a real problem for the community

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