Guru Nanak Dev, Mecca And The Miracle

Guru Nanak was a spiritual leader who founded the Sikh religion. The Guru was a modern thinker and he did not believe in the theories of both Islam and Hinduism. He advocated a middle path and a new philosophy that was based on reason and sense and not on blind beliefs.

The Tours of Nanak

Nanak travelled the length and breadth of India and during his travels visited the far east ( Assam) and also Rameshwaram in the south. Most of his travels are documented to an extant, but obviously with the passage of time some of his visits have taken on

a colorful hue, that may not be one hundred percent factual. There are many miracles attributed to him, but not all of them can be verified.

Visiting Mecca

But historians do believe that he visited Mecca. He is reported to have travelled to Mecca by the sea route. A lot many people ask as to how could Nanak could visit Mecca as he was a non-Moslem. But the fact is that a lot many people who were non-Moslems did visit Mecca. In addition Nanak travelled in the garb of a Fakir with his companion Mardana and there is every chance, that the Moslems took him to be one of them and did not bother. Also with the closed society in Mecca any evidence of Nanak in Mecca would have been oblitered long back

The Miracle

There is a miracle attributed to Nanak while he was at mecca. It appears that he went to sleep with his feet pointing towards the Kaaba. This angered a priest who asked

Nanak to turn his feet away. Nanak replied that as he was tired, he would be grateful in case the priest helped him, by turning his feet away to another direction. The priest lifted up Nank's feet and turned them around. But lo and behold the kaaba also turned in the direction of Nanaks feet. This impressed the priest who realized the greatness of Nanak.

Istanbul and Baghdad

There is no historical evidence to substantiate this miracle. But perhaps the miracle does have a lesson as Nanak just wanted to point out that God is everywhere and not just at the Kaaba. Nanak after this visit to Mecca travelled to Baghdad and Turkey. There is evidence available at Istanbul in the shape of a pilar about 6' wide and 15' tall. The script on it is deciphered and it tells of an Eastern saint named Nanak who visited Istanbul. Thus in case Nanak could visit Istanbul, he must have very well gone to Mecca. there is also evidence of his visit to Baghdad.

Nank was a wonderous man and all of us must be in awe of this great man who travelled the length and breadth of the world at that time to spread his message of peace and love.

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