The Concept Of A Twin Angel

The concept of a twin angel is passed down from a bygone age. It forms part of Meta physics which is still in its infancy, but the ancients had mastered this concept and enunciated it in their scriptures. Thus we have the fact that every human has a twin angel who is a duplicate of the man. There is nothing like this in Hindu thought and much of the development of this concept is based on Christian and Islamic philosophy. Hinduism does talk of astral travel and astral phenomena but the concept of a twin angel is certainly not there.

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This concept is born from ancient Persian Mysticism and also from the Sufi saints and has been inherited from that age. These concepts talk of an angel who is a twin of your self. This belief is also part of early Christian Gnosticism the angel who is a look-alike of yourself is referred to as the Twin Angel and is a means to communicate with the all mighty. Islam recognizes angels and this forms one of the six articles of faith in this religion. It is the final destination on the path to salvation and merging with the almighty.
As per this concept each individual soul in this world has a celestial twin who is your duplicate and is like the shadow that is always near you and yet not seen or sensed. But with austere practices this twin angel can be reached and he will communicate with God on your behalf. The concept of the twin angel is thus a thought process that is part of ancient Persian and ancient religious lore.
Angels – Messengers of God
It stands to reason that angels are messengers of God and it is Gods way to communicate with human beings. To achieve this state prayer, penance and austere practices are the norm. The concept of the twin angel was revealed to me at Mumbai in a recent discourse which I attended by a Muslim Pir. He talked of divine revelation and the concept of a twin angel who is a look-alike of the man himself.
The twin angel if reached can work wonders for you. Not only will you feel enlightened, but will also develop uncanny powers. The Pir recounted how a
man was at two places at the same time. Many people vouchsafed as to the presence of the man at a distance of about 40 miles from each other. Yet the man himself was only at one place as the twin angel took his place at the second place.
How can one come close to the twin angel, so that he can reveal himself? This is a question that is simple but difficult to answer. One of the methods is to select a bare room devoid of any furniture and sit before a large n mirror in the Lotus pose. The person resolving to reach his twin angel should be absolutely nude and no one should disturb him or her. A small diva (earthen lamp) needs to be lighted before the mirror in absolute darkness in the middle of the night.
How to meet your Twin
The man who wishes to meet his twin is to concentrate on the flame and its reflection in the mirror and chant the holy mantras. The man must stare at the reflection of the flame without blinking his eyes as that will break the spell. This process is to be repeated for as long as possible and depending upon the purity of your thoughts the twin will appear before you. He will be your look-alike and can materialize in your place as well. Many researchers in this field like Henry Corbin have opined that the concept of a twin angel who is your look-alike has come down from Abraham traditions and the 3 great religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity are part of it. As per him Christ and other prophets had mastered their own twin soul. It was like a holy vision and the secrets of the world were then revealed to them.
One must be aware that there are also evil twin angels and this is recognized as Hamza in Islam. Woe betide in case you have evil thoughts and the evil twin appears. That could be a catastrophe.
The concept of the twin angel is difficult to understand and appreciate, but a belief in these phenomena will go a long way in meeting your twin.

Article Written By Madan G Singh

An early retired Gp Capt from Air Force who is an Executive Director in the Corporate world. Loves to write fiction and articles. Published over 60 short stories and his novel" Romance of the Frontier" is published from Notion Books.His second novel is on way for publication. The author also has close to 10,000 articles on the b net with millions of views

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